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 Working Terror by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: Working Terror by Karl Kramer   Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:16 pm

Ron Smith sat at the bar and thanked old Ed for the $20 to pay for his drinks. Ed nodded and told Ron not to worry about it. Ron did worry as his wallet was empty, his credit cards maxed as well as his mortgage behind among the other bills. He would hide his car so it wouldn't be repossessed and even had a title loan on the old beater he was thinking of giving his daughter Laura for college this fall. His wife was now using it as there was no car for her in the near future. Ron had been out of work for months and there was nothing out there for a man in his late 40s. Ron lied to his wife and said he had some temp jobs, but they also were hard to get in the economic climate.

"I need a job badly, Rick. I know your just a bartender, but perhaps you overhear when some of your customers need a delivery of something if you get the hint." Rick smiled as he cleaned the counter and nodded for Ron to follow him in the back room where the stock was kept. "Yeah, I get some of those types here and they do talk rather loud. I should keep my mouth shut but you are going to lose everything unless you get a few thousand now. Here is an address and don't tell them where you got it. But be warned you are not going to be delivering anything legal." Ron took the address and quickly left for the place which was on the pier.

A surly looking man pointed to the office with the light on after asking Ron a few questions to make sure he was OK. Ron was a bit intimidated at first, but realized he had to do something if he wanted to keep his family warm for the winter. Mr Hatch was what he called himself even though it probably wasn't his real name. He looked at Ron and asked him a few questions before talking about any job. "Listen, I don't look like your typical mule here. I am a poor slob who lost his job to someone overseas who will do it for a buck a day. I need to pay some bills right away and need some quick cash now."

"Surprisingly you are the typical worker we get here, Ron. I do need a few packages delivered to these addresses and want you to wear a maintenance outfit to make you look like a plumber. No one will ask questions because you look like a plumber. I know you won't ask any questions either and I like that." Ron took the delivery sites and loaded up each of the packages which were numbered for each destination. He drove to each place and dropped them off to the person who looked a bit shady. Ron carried his clipboard as well as some papers to make it look he was there doing other business. Once the final package was delivered, Ron was relieved and went back to Mr Hatch for his money. Ron used it to pay a bit off what he owed while asking the creditors to give him more time for the rest of it.

"Ron, I see we are behind again in just about everything. I use my checks to put food on the table. I have noticed my pay is getting less and less as people don't tip. But I work more hours and they are buying the same stuff. I guess they think I don't need the tips to live off of." Sue worked at a chain of family restaurants which were known for paying their servers very little. With the tough times that meant Sue had to work longer days and nights to make up for her loss in tips. "Well, I paid some of the back amounts from the temp jobs I have been working. I do wish you would just cut back your hours as they are taking their toll on you. You did want to spend more time with Laura before she went off to college." Sue was asleep on the couch before there was an answer so Ron put a few covers on her to keep her warm.
"Mr Hatch, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I do need something that pays much bigger. I know delivery jobs are not a daily thing but I am really behind and have other obligations as well." Hatch nodded and gave Ron a name and an address. "This is the big guy himself that we all work for. He is a very proper man so no swearing in front of him. I have seen what happens to those who do. He has jobs that pay rather well for what you are looking for. Remember, once you go through his door you must do the job." Ron wasn't listening to all that other than to not cuss in front of the man. He did hear big money and that is what he wanted.
The house was large and had a few lights on in the front. The rest of the place was quite dark as Ron looked around the place. He loved the old Gothic style and saw a heavily armed guard standing at the gate. Ron walked up to the guard and told him who he was. "The Master has been expecting you. Refer to him as The Master or just Master. Do not use any other names other than sir to him. And don't cuss as he does not like that. He detests ill manners and the consequences can be very dear to those who cross the line." Ron figured the man was just an eccentric and only was concerned about the money.

"You need a job? You have come to the right place. I have many enemies I wish to dispose of and you can help me do so. I need you to go to their houses and prepare them for their final meeting with me. You know, tie them up in chains and kill anyone who is not supposed to be there. Don't worry if there is a mess as I have a clean-up crew take care of it. Do not and I repeat, do not harm the names in red. If there is any bodily harm done to them I will be angry." Ron's jaw dropped as he did not expect to become a hitman. But then again he wasn't really as he was not to kill the people and on certain ones he was not to harm at all. The Master then gave Ron the address with the name of the victim on it. One other name was in red and Ron just hoped he wasn't home.

Ron kept thinking it was just a strange job and the money he would get would pay off everything and send his daughter to college. He looked at the gun on the passenger seat and hoped it would just be the one man there. Ron drove up to the nice house with his lights turned off. He put the gun in his belt and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell just as he was instructed to do. "You must be new to the job. I hoped the Master would give me some more time. I will do as you ask." Ron wondered if he would suddenly find a secret camera and a comedy host laughing and telling him he was punked. But that did not happen as the man walked into his library and office area.

Ron took out the chains and could hear someone approach him. Ron took out his gun and hit the person on the head as hard as he could. A boy cried out and fell to the ground bleeding. Ron could see the boy was hurt but left him there until he finished chaining up the man. "Getting your grandson to help you was not a good thing, mister. I will make sure he is OK after I am done here." The old man smiled and had a relieved look on his face. "No, you did me and my beautiful grandson a huge favor. Is his name in red?" Ron wondered what the man was talking about until he remembered what the Master said.

"I'm sure he will understand I only acted in self defense as I did not know who was attacking me." Ron then left after chaining the boy along with his grandfather.
"Ron, you disappoint me. I told you not to harm the names in red. I guess he knew that and wanted you to do so. Well, I need a replacement now and I am thinking your daughter will do. You see, I need untouched bodies of perfection every few years to keep my life going on. I made a deal with a rather strict person and he wants the perfect sacrifice. I found out all I could about your daughter and she never had an operation and is perfect." Ron looked at the money awaiting him and thought this was all a joke.

"OK, Master or whomever the f" before Ron could finish he was struck with a cane the Master was using. "You dare use such filth in my house? Now you lose your money as well as your tongue so you can never say such things again. My mother raised me to be civilized and cultured.
"Hi Mom, we finally lost the house and car. I had to take the beater here to move in with you. Ron is still at the mental ward with a look of sheer terror on his face. With Laura missing and Ron also missing his tongue, I don't know what to do. I wonder if they are related?" Sue stepped in the house as her mother poured her some tea. "You know how girls that age can be, hon. They run away from home when upset with things. I bet she is at one of her friend's house right now. Is it true they found Ron in the park screaming?"

"Yes. I try not to talk about that. Ron was screaming with blood everywhere. He was trying to say something and it sounded like 'emo'. I think one thought he might of meant demon, but I don't know."
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Working Terror by Karl Kramer
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