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 The Vacation by Karl Kramer

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PostSubject: The Vacation by Karl Kramer   Sun May 20, 2012 11:33 pm

The family had been planning their vacation for a long time. They had heard about the island off the coast of New England where the people lived like they did in Colonial Days. Jack was excited about this but his wife was not too thrilled. She was eager to spend a nice week in a hotel room at a pleasant beach and go to restaurants at night. The four kids also wanted a bit more sophistication as they were now all teenagers. The two daughters had sided with their mother and Jack was looking at the two boys.

Surprisingly to him but not to the others they sided with Mom. "Dad, if it was just us guys we could go camping. But Mom and the girls want a bit more relaxation and this trip seems like it will be a chore." Jack then bribed the four by offering them the latest Iphone with unlimited texting. Mom was not happy but Jack tried to woo her into the trip. "Marie, you will love it there. OK, I will take you on a special weekend trip to Las Vegas if you go." Marie was won over and all six left for the island.

It was off season as the fall started to set in. The family arrived at a rickety bridge which crossed the strait to take them to the island. As expected, there were no power lines or any other amenities on the island. There were many old houses and a large town hall where the townspeople met. Jack also noticed his family were the only modern people there. He wondered where the other tourists were.

Jack stopped at the mayor's office to ask about where they could stay. "We are having our rather personal celebrations and ceremonies this weekend. Outsiders usually aren't allowed in for this but the guard must not of been on duty at the bridge. If you want to participate, you can. We ask that all of you at least dress the part." Jack agreed and looked at his family. They all shook their heads no as Jack nudged them a bit. "Come on, this will be fun. Live a little." They all reluctantly agreed and the men and women were taken to different areas to change into their clothes. All of them were made of an itchy wool and were quite hot even in the cool air. Even Jack complained about the clothes as he started getting a rash.

"You wanted us to man up, Dad. We can't turn back now" Danny said to Jack. Jack knew his family would never let him forget about this so he tried to enjoy it. The town's mayor came out to the square and started to yell it was time for the festivities to begin. "We have had a terrible year for our crops and must appease our great Corn Goddess Robigo and our Corn God Robigus. We now have this family to appease them with." The townspeople then seized the family.

"This is some sort of cult. My God, what did I do to deserve this?" Jack tried to reason with the town mayor. "I can buy seed for your town if you just let us go. Please, we have not done anything to hurt you." The town mayor waited a minute and then pointed to the hooded figure approaching. "He is the High Priest and his wife is the High Priestess. Only they have the authority to let you go." Jack then started praying and yelling for the people to let him go.

"We are all going to be sacrificed to their Corn Gods and I am to blame for it. I should of listened to my family and went to the resort with them." The priest removed his hood and looked at Jack. "Actually, we were going to just put you in the stocks for an hour and then invite you to the feast. But now that you mention it, a human sacrifice may be just what the Gods asked for!" Jack started to scream as the townspeople were directed to make a huge bonfire for their new sacrifices.
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The Vacation by Karl Kramer
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